Onam 2015


Dear Luton Keralites 

Wish you a vary happy Onam

The LUKA committee would like to remind and once again invite you to our Onam Celebration on Saturday, 19 September 2015. 

Venue: Lewsey Farm Learning Centre; Tomlinson Avenue;Luton;Bedfordshire;LU4 0QQ
Date: 19 Sept 2015; 
Time: 9:30 am to 5:30 pm.

Onam has great significance in this modern world. Onam is celebrated across all religions. Its 10 days long harvest festival of Kerala (southern most Indian state). It stresses on integrity, honesty, equality and fairness and renders the best recipe to create a perfect world.

The harvest festival, Onam is to commemorate the homecoming of the greatest legendary King Mahabali(Maveli). The Ancient king ruled the world with great parity, prosperity and happiness. The utopian world under the King made even God envious. The growing popularity and fame of King planted jealousy in the minds of Gods who exploit Maveli‘s generous nature and send him to ‘pathalam’(the nether world). However Mahabali was permitted to come and visit his people once a year during Onam. 


Maveli comes to visit the world during Onam. We show to Maveli that we are yet happy and prosperous. We do this by wearing similar dresses, eating same kind of food, playing group games and being happy and pompous.

Onam brings in the sight of the banana leaf filled with hot piping vegetable dishes (more than 20 types) with rice and papadum (papad). Sambhar, Avial, Parippucurry, Rasam being some of the well-known ones, sweets include Payasam (kheer). Everyone eating on banana leaves with hand symbolises the equality and shows loyalty to the Mother Nature.

Onam is incomplete without Onakkodi, the new white clothes purchased for the festival. Dressing up in the traditional mood of the state is considered to the significance of the prosperous and truthful life of the subjects during the flawless reign of the King Mahabali. 

Pookalam is a floral carpet made in various designs on all the ten days of the festival. 

There are lot many traditional art forms that are performed on this day. Tiger Dance and Kaikottikali, Thiruvathira are some of the famous ones. 

We kindly seek you presence from 9:30 to get involved with great day of celebration. We have games, Pookalam, Colourful Onam Procession, Onappaattu, Thivuvathira, wonderful Onam Sadya and unique cultural dances. Please be present and get involved in every bit of it with everyone. 

Venue: Lewsey Farm Learning Centre; Tomlinson Avenue;Luton;Bedfordshire;LU4 0QQ
Date: 19 Sept 2015; 
Time: 9:30 am to 5:30 pm.

LUKA Committee Members


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